SMILE Lottery Prize Structure Update


Following our fee restructure in April 2024, we now have greater financial flexibility and are eager to give away even more prize money to our SMILE members.

We are delighted to have 8,556 registered SMILE members and around 19,400 tickets in each draw.  

Previously, we have given away £4,400 each month however following a meeting in May 2024, the committee voted to increase the prize pot to £6,000 per month, from June 2024.

We wanted the structure to reflect the views of our members, therefore we opened a survey to our members 17th-31st May 2024 to gather information around how members would like the lottery prizes to change, we received over 1,500 responses.

Using this direction from members we have developed a new prize structure, which is outlined below. From Monday 10th June 2024, the monthly prize pot will increase to £6,000, this will include both a bigger jackpot and 6 additional prizes per month, ranging from £1,250 to £25.

£1,250£1,000£750.00£500.002 x £2504 x £1507 x £1009 x £5010 x £2536 Prizes
Should the lottery income increase or decrease significantly, we will amend prizes accordingly to ensure we are operating within the regulations set by the Gambling Commission.

Each SMILE member can have between 2-12 lottery tickets, which must be purchased in multiples of 2 at 50p each. If you wish to increase the number of lottery tickets you have, please email us to request this at

Please note: all Staff Social Club members have the option to opt out of the SMILE lottery and retain their SSC membership, if you wish to opt out of the lottery, please request this by emailing